Men attends to women for two known reasons, SEX, and LOVE, but in real cases, men do not marry for Sex or for Love, they marry for STABILITY.

Let me explain:

A man can Love you and still not marry you.

A man can have sex with you for years and still not marry you.

But immediately he finds someone who brings stability in his life, he marries her.

What I mean by Stability is “Peace of Mind”

I have seen so many guys who made this statement “I love this lady so much but I don’t think I can spend the rest of my life with her.” “This lady is so sweet in bed but I don’t think I can marry her”. Men are visionaries when they think about marriage, they do not think about wedding dresses, bridesmaids or most of the things ladies think is fanciful.

They think of whether this woman can build a home, can take care of his kids, can support his visions and dreams and also give him PEACE of mind..

Men don’t like Ladies who give them discomfort and who have nothing to offer them. This is why a man can stay with a woman for years and meet another in a short while and get married to her.

The comfort of having Peace of mind is the most paramount to every man.

Sex is a pleasure, love is an affection, RESPECT and PEACE is Stability .

Good morning lovelies 💕

Hope you had a pleasant night?


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