1. Marriage is God’s idea. So do it God’s way

2. Marry your best friend. It is important to have a marriage based on friendship, for this means you two will hold together beyond romance

3. You reap what you sow. Don’t expect your marriage to be great if you don’t greatly invest in it

4. Marriage works. Love is not dead. Not every marriage is falling apart

5. Marriage is a lifetime commitment. Don’t make that commitment out of pressure from others, as a game, or as a by the way

6. The person you are marrying is linked to other people. That spouse is someone else’s child, sibling, relative, friend, colleague. If you hurt him/her; you hurt others. If you treat him/her well; you bless the lives of others

7. In marriage, there will be challenges. So choose someone who will be easy to work with

8. Marriage requires both man and woman in it to give their best in order for it to work. So marry someone who will not let you down, someone who will put effort

9. Marriage calls you to be faithful. Once you’ve committed to that one person, you have blocked out all others. There is no chasing after others, so make sure you marry the best choice

10. Sexual intimacy is very important. Marry someone you are sexually attracted to, someone who easily turns you on

11. Who you marry, you will live with till death, you will wake up to each morning. So marry someone whose company you enjoy, who appeals to your eyes, whose various moods you can deal with, whose strengths you admire and whose shortfalls you can live with

12. Marriage is about two human beings. Don’t over-spiritualize it. You both have physical, emotional, sexual, intellectual and social needs. Meet those needs as a whole. Don’t focus on one need and neglect another/others

13. Marriage is what you two make it. If you look at other marriages doing better than yours, those couple have made it that way

14. The one you get married to is the most influential person in your life. That person can hurt you the most, mislead you the most, destroy you the most OR bless you the most, grow you the most and inspire you the most. The role of a spouse is too powerful to take casually

15. Marriage is not for jokers or child’s play. Make sure you are grown before entering it, and enter it with someone grown or you will be let down. Having a good thing when you are not ready can overwhelm you. Marriage is a good thing

16. Marriage is not for quiters. It requires the two to hold on. Not two people or one person who thinks of calling it quits each time storms rage. Marriage is not for people with an exit strategy

17. Just because you’re married doesn’t mean people will not try to distract you or woo you or your spouse. Marriage requires both to say no to outsiders

18. A moment of laxity or weakness is enough to destroy a good marriage. Both of you must be vigilant; constantly assess and improve on your marriage

19. Marriage needs communication to thrive. Protect the communication. Always have an open line of communication between you two

20. It’s not just about being married, but being fulfilled in marriage. Don’t aim for the change in relationship status, aim for a union of love that will be fulfilling and worth it

21. Not everyone will be happy for your marriage. Be loyal to your spouse, not outsiders. It’s the opinion of your spouse that matters most

22. A colourful wedding doesn’t mean a colourful marriage. A wedding is a day, marriage is a lifetime

23. How strong your marriage will be, depends on the foundation you two lay when you were single and when you were dating

24. Your spouse will wrong you many times, even without wanting to. Be ready to forgive

25. Marriage is a journey of growth. Be humble and willing to learn. Be patient

26. When marriage is done properly, its results will bring you both the greatest of joy on Earth. If done wrong, it will cause you both incredible pain, heartache and mess