1. He tells her

2. He looks at her with passion

3. He wants her in his future and is clear about it

4. He boosts her self-esteem by making her feel beautiful and special

5. He loves to touch her. You can tell with his body language

6. He pays attention to her when she is talking

7. He stares at her. Eye contact

8. He flirts with her

9. He longs to know about how she is, how her day has been

10. He loves to study her and ask questions with the intent of understanding her better

11. He makes sexual advances at her

12. He enjoys climaxing with her

13. He focuses on only her

14. He notices when she makes effort to look good. Her hair, her dressing,her scent

15. He is generous with his compliments

A woman loves being desired by her man exclusively, knowing that she is his focus