1. He makes it easy for the wife to be there for him

2. He reduces the pressure on himself to show power and superiority, making him live an easy life

3. He finds it easy to apologize, resolving issues quickly

4. He easily builds friendship in marriage by not being self centered

5. He escapes danger because the wife has permission to advice him and warn him when danger is approaching

6. He enjoys sexual pleasure from the wife because she doesn’t feel dictated upon

7. His children find it easy to approach him thus becoming a great father

8. He developes a healthy relationship with God because worship and ego don’t mix, leading to a more holistic man

9. His wife finds it easy to talk to him, thereby building companionship

10. He shows his human heart rather than pretending he is perfect and untouchable

11. He grows as a man because to learn you have to be humble