WIFE: I will go buy the sausages you wanted

HUSBAND: Darling?

WIFE: What is it?

HUSBAND: I wasn’t texting because of the sausages

WIFE: What is it then?

HUSBAND: I was texting you because I miss you

WIFE: You miss me?

HUSBAND: Yes, is that hard to believe? I have been going through the messages we send each other and it saddened me

WIFE: Why is that?

HUSBAND: Where did our warmth go? I miss us. Our messages are so dry, cold and empty; no wonder when we come home it still remains dry, cold and empty. I even have better conversations with my colleagues yet you are my wife

WIFE: Life happened. We got married, we had children, we have bills to pay

HUSBAND: No darling, we dropped the ball. Life will always happen but should we kill our warmth because of responsibilities? Isn’t marriage supposed to be about companionship? There are many couples that have maintained their warmth, why not us? Scroll through our messages and tell me if you see companionship

WIFE: I have scrolled. All I am seeing are one word answers and demands we order each other. Do this, do that, OK…. Our vibe is flat

HUSBAND: And I bet in your phone you will find long chats between you and others

WIFE: True. I am a chatter. I chat a lot, especially with my girlfriends. And I will be honest, even with other men


WIFE: Are you jealous?

HUSBAND: Yes. But I am more jealous of the old me, the old us; we used to be on fire. No man had anything on me

WIFE: Oh yes! I miss those days. I’d live my day with a smile on my face. It is interesting how a simple message of love from you made me smile, I miss smiling because of you

HUSBAND: Who makes you smile these days?

WIFE: No one. I make myself smile

HUSBAND: I stopped playing my role. Forgive me

WIFE: I did too, I am sorry

HUSBAND: I miss you

WIFE: I need to get my sausage

HUSBAND: You are back to talking about responsibilities again Darling?

WIFE: I meant the sausage between your legs

HUSBAND: Ha ha ha, you used to call it cassava

WIFE: I know… he he he.. It’s a new year season for us, new names

HUSBAND: Ahh, I like that. You will get your sausage

WIFE: I better. You know how much I like it!

HUSBAND: Thank you for making me smile

WIFE: Thank you too. We should do this more often

HUSBAND: Agreed. I love you

WIFE: I love you too honey. See you later in our warm home