1. It doesn’t cause pain to any of you. Celebrations don’t hurt

2. It is not scheduled or planned. It naturally happens and it happens often. Celebrations just flow

3. It is not demanded, forced or coerced. Both of you long to celebrate your love

4. It is not only used to procreate. It is a celebration of your love, not a mere baby making act

5. It is special, not casual. It is not given to anybody else besides your spouse. You two are celebrating something of value

6. It is not a reward you earn after doing something, it is not used to teach a lesson or to punish. It is a celebration of your love in good and bad days

7. It is mutual. Both of you initiate it and engage in it because both of you are celebrating the love you have

8. It is not done as a duty, doing it because you feel obligated. Celebration is not a job but the appreciation of the love you both have

9. It is fun and sweet; just like celebrations are

10. It is creative and not boring. Celebrations are colorful and memorable. Celebrate your love to the fullest

11. It can lead to sounds of celebrations and moaning. You are not just laying there blank, stonecold and lifeless; it feels so good you express it

12. It is not called sex, but making love. Celebration of love is an intimate bond, not just two horny adults colliding their bodies