when two people love each other, it shows.

It shows in their eyes, the tone of their voice and their body language.

It will show in private and in public.

It will show in the bedroom and in every room in the house.

It will show in front of the children. The two will not force it, the children will pick their love energy and enjoy it. That is the kind of energy that raises healthy children.

It will show in the car, as they drive to work, to school, to Church, to visit their parents; the car will have warmth and smiles, maybe they might sing the song on the radio or debate about a topic.

It will show when they are in a public transport vehicle or Matatu, on a long or short distance journey. How they care for each other and wish to sit next to each other. When you like someone, you like their company.

It will show in front of their parents. Their parents will see them honouring each other and bringing out the best in each other and because of that, the parents will respect their marriage. Good parents just want their children happy.

It will show in public, there at the Supermarket as they do shopping together as a team, the cashier will smile serving them because in a dark world, seeing two souls in love brightens up people’s hearts.

It will show at the restaurant when they are out on a date. The waiter will enjoy serving them, those next to them will admire what they have. The two glowing and enjoying each other’s company as if the rest of the world doesn’t exist.

It will show in public as they walk side by side. Whether they hold hands or just walk shoulder to shoulder as they talk, it will be evident that those two are used to each other.

It will show on social media, their Facebook friends are mature people who already know the two are a couple so why hide? The two will tag each other to posts, tease each other on comments and celebrate each other because they are proud of each other. It just happens naturally.

It will show by how they long to call and text each other especially if they are in a long-distance marriage. They feed on conversations.

It will show by how quick they are to solve issues. They love each other too much to stay mad or play games with each other’s feelings.

It will show to outsiders. Outsiders will look at the two in love and see no reason to mess up what they have. The two being too busy loving each other to start an affair.

It will show in the eyes of God. The two will please God by how they love each other. God will smile in Heaven because of them.

Love is like light, and light cannot be hidden.

When love exists, it will naturally show