1. It hurts when you make sexual advances to your spouse but your spouse rudely rejects you

2. It hurts when you ask your spouse out on a date but your spouse claims to be ever busy, looking for excuses

3. It hurts when you write your spouse a sweet message but your spouse blue ticks you yet has the time to chat others

4. It hurts when your spouse sees your missed calls but all day doesn’t care to return them

5. It hurts when you attempt to hug your spouse but your spouse looks disinterested yet you two are not in the middle of a fight

6. It hurts when you excitedly try to bond with your spouse in public but your spouse publicly ignores you

7. It hurts when you warmly ask your spouse a question but your spouse consciously refuses to participate in the conversation

8. It hurts when you prepare a meal for your spouse but your spouse chooses not to eat

9. It hurts when you want to join your spouse in something that is special to them but your spouse excludes you from coming

10. It hurts when you join your spouse in bed early eager to cuddle, have pillow talks and make memories but your spouse gives you their back

11. It hurts when you shave your pubic area, wear a sexy lingerie, go all out to create intimacy but your spouse doesn’t see your effort and doesn’t even want to touch you

12. It hurts when you try to have fun with your spouse and the children but your spouse acts like it is a bother

All these makes your spouse feel rejected. Other people can reject your spouse but it hurts deep when the rejection comes from you. Loving your spouse means never making your spouse feel rejected