Who was he talking to? Her husband was not in bed, but she could hear him talking. Who was he talking to?

His phone was also missing.

Could he be hiding himself talking on phone?

Who could he be talking to so late in the night? Is it another woman?

She got concerned. How come he didn’t wake her up?

His side of the bed was cold. It must be a long conversation he’s been having.

She got out of bed.

Put on her pair of slippers, tied on the gown. Opened the door.

Her husband has some explaining to do. Without making a sound, she walked discreetly searching for him.

“…You are good, You are so good to me, I love You. I will never let You go!” she heard him say.

Who was he telling these words?

As his words became clearer. She started smiling.

She found him kneeling in the living room, praying, “… My God, you have been faithful, our provider. You are good and Your mercies true. I thank You for my wife. Watch over her each night she sleeps, each day. I pray for her day ahead, and especially for the plans she told me about. I told her I will pray for her about it, and here I am, presenting her to You. That woman You gave me loves me. I don’t know where I would be without her. I pray for her health and mind. That we may both live long to see more of Your glory”

He was holding his phone that displayed a photo of her, “… My Lord, help me be the best man I can be to her. Help me in partnering with her in making this home stand. Bless this marriage we have, when I am at home and outside. This man surrenders to You. I give myself to You. Keep teaching me how to love and how to be a man. Lord, thank You for hearing me. Thank You for hearing my wife when she prays, for all she is and I am. We thank You!”

“Amen!” they both said. She concluded the prayer with him.

“Hi Honey, you’re up too?!”He got surprised getting up on his feet

“Yes my love, I missed you in bed. I came looking for you” she said walking towards him.

“My spirit yearned to pray for you. I didn’t want to wake you” he hugged her

“As your husband, I should not only love you well, but pray for you too” he spoke to her ear.

She stared deep into his eyes and said, “Close your eyes my love, I want to pray for you too!”