1. Counselling helps you to talk with each other without silencing each other’s voice

2. Counselling helps you see things the way your partner sees them, not just the way you see them

3. Counselling opens your eyes by confronting you to look at yourself

4. Counselling offers a place of vulnerability. I have witnessed the power of love when the couple opens up. People are going through so many unspoken struggles

5. Counselling demands couples to talk about the issues they have been hiding under the carpet for years with each suffering in silence

6. Counselling allows grown ups to realize how what they went through in the past affects their today and how they relate

7. Counselling completely silences egos and pride, then opens up the door to reasoning

8. Counselling gives couples a chance to laugh again. I enjoy this part. To see two people share warmth

9. Counselling gives a couple a chance to walk down Memory Lane and remember how and why they fell in love

10. Counselling allows a couple a chance to look back and see where they dropped the ball and how each contributed to the fall

11. Counselling reminds couples that they are a team and they need to stop thinking about self

12. If children are involved, counselling looks at the bigger picture and its implications on the innocent children. Every parent thinks they are the best mother and father but parenting allows adults to see things from the perspective of the children

13. Counselling offers clarity. A safe place to declutter, decipher and find direction

14. Counselling offers a safe place for crying, venting, breaking down and a chance to be heard in this noisy and busy world

15. Counselling offers a place for healing. The start of a new season of walking better together

16. Counselling gives a couple a second, third or fourth chance to rekindle their first love and save their precious union

17. Counselling helps couples to redirect their love. Lots of couples are destroying their relationship/marriage simply because they don’t know what to do

18. Counselling allows a couple to sufficiently prepare for marriage or to lead their existing marriage with better understanding and fulfilment

19. Counselling allows a couple to look ahead and find solutions, a joint vision and a path to progress

20. Counselling reminds bruised, lost or confused couples that love is not dead

To every couple and individual who has reached out to Akello and I for counselling and advice, we thank you for trusting us with precious issues in your life. We appreciate you and pray for you.