1. To create frequent pauses that help you to rejuvenate in a fast paced life

2. To remind you that you were created for more than work

3. To give you time to adequately spend in worship. Worship actually benefits us since it rejuvenates our spirit

4. To get your body to sleep for longer hours on selected days without feeling lazy. Don’t be ashamed of a good elongated sleep on Sabbath

5. To get you to be intentional about spending time with family and loved ones

6. To give you days for uninterrupted prayer times

7. To provide with you scheduled time to reflect

8. To remind you that the core our life’s existence is relationship. Relationship with God and people. Sabbath takes our focus from things, duties, money and deadlines so that we focus on what is truly important

9. To give us a moment to recharge

10. To give us mini-holidays in between our busy life. You don’t have to wait till December to relax on a holiday if you make adequate use of the Sabbath

11. To reveal great mysteries to us. In your rest, God will reveal deep insights to you and even deposit great business ideas, great solutions and life’s wisdom into your spirit. Sometimes we are too busy to catch God’s secrets

12. To give us a chance to pay attention to the state of those we love. Your spouse, children, parents, siblings could be going through issues or could be making great progress in life but you are not aware since you are so busy

13. To create memories. Most beautiful family memories are created during Sabbaths, that is why children love Sabbaths – they feel the presence of family

How do you spend your Sabbath? Drinking silly, with the wrong friends, having affairs, working or do you spend it with family, worshipping, resting and cherishing the loved ones you have?