1. It reduces the amount of fights. Most fights in marriage are about money

2. It releases you to enjoy sexual intimacy. Stress and worry about money is a libido killer, it is why some men struggle to erect or sustain an erection and why some women are too anxious to think about love making

3. It gives you the opportunity to live in the best neighborhood conducive for raising your vision of a family

4. It gives you the capacity to pursue your personal dreams and aspirations; be it going to school, advancing your career or starting a business. Personal fulfillment then leads to marital fulfillment

5. It equips you to give your children the best life has to offer. Best in education, technology, events and tools

6. It makes you worry less so that you focus on wholesome parenting. There are some parents who are so stressed about money that they are causing neglect, harshness, discouragement and trauma on their children

7. It makes you feed your family healthy meals consistently because you can afford it

8. It allows you to do memorable things outside the home such as trips and dates, spicing up your marriage and family. There are couples who all they do is spend time at home due to lack of money leading to dryness and familiarity

9. It exposes you to higher experiences and interests. When your basic needs are easily met, it releases you to dream and indulge on other interests leading to more growth

10. As you financially grow as a couple, you naturally find yourself in the company of other people and couples growing leading to more growth

11. It exposes your children to wealth leading to confidence and minds that think big. Wealth is not strange to them. There are adults who don’t pursue wealth and goals because it is foreign to them

12. It empowers you to touch lives as a couple. With financial wealth, you can choose to support or sponsor any project, group or individuals in need. This leads to you two growing closer together

13. It allows you two to spoil each other without worrying about the cost

14. It leads to a more comfortable life because you are not worried about landlords chasing you, or creditors coming for you; lowering your dignity. There are some couples who every end month brings anxiety due to loans and bills

15. It gives you the resources to not only nurture a home, but also build or buy a house

16. It gives you the chance to finance God’s Kingdom; financial vessels of honour

17. It gives you opportunities to bless your aging parents, showing them honour by taking care of them

18. It helps you two retire in comfort as your bodies grow weaker and slower

19. It prepares a good inheritance for your children and children’s children so that they don’t struggle in life but can pick up from where you left off. Generational wealth