My spouse, I don’t correct you because you are stupid, I don’t respect you, I love looking for your wrongs, I want to change you, I want to control you or because I think I am better.

No, I correct you because…

1. I am your accountability partner

2. I love you too much to watch you make a mistake and keep silent

3. Whatever affects you, affects me. There is no such thing as minding my business in marriage; you are my business

4. I vowed to stand by you

5. I know you better than anyone else; your strengths and weaknesses

6. We are a team, I’ve got you. We win together

7. I want the best for you

8. I know your potential

9. I am God’s vessel of honour in your life to mould you

10. Love improves us

11. I am not like your friends who might see you wasting your time and life and say nothing

12. You shared with me the person you want to become; I will correct you when you veer off

13. I can’t see you walk into a fire and not warn you

14. I pray for you

15. We are not perfect, it is possible to lose your way; so when you do, I will hold your hand

16. Love protects

17. Because I would love you to correct me too when I am wrong

As I correct you, I will do so with love and the right tone; not forgetting your many good qualities