1. If you don’t, your spouse might be tempted to receive compliments from another and that is how some affairs start. Don’t create a vacuum

2. You are the one who knows your spouse best, you have more information to give substance to your compliments

3. Your relationship was formed through compliments, your marriage will be sustained by compliments that make your spouse feel special

4. To show your spouse you have not changed. You still are focused on him/her

5. To boost your spouse’s self esteem. It is your role to make your spouse feel good about himself/herself

6. To show your spouse you are noticing what is good about him/her. Most times spouses only speak when they are pointing out negatives

7. As you highlight what is good about your spouse, your spouse will be encouraged to keep possessing those good qualities. Compliments are motivators

8. As you speak of what is good about your spouse, you will appreciate your spouse more. You can’t have a positive attitude towards someone who all you see is their wrong

9. Compliments evoke smiles, lessens tension, creates the right mood and reduces arguments

10. Giving compliments will not make your spouse proud, but rather, make him/her feel valued

11. Compliments will inspire your spouse to keep looking good for you and seeking to impress you

12. Giving compliments is a form of foreplay, it leads to deeper and richer intimacy