1. When your spouse makes love to you, give him/her feedback. Tell your spouse “That was beautiful, wow! It felt good”

2. When your spouse cooks for you, give your spouse feedback. Say “That was delicious. I love how you cook”

3. When your spouse takes you out on a date, tell your spouse, “I had a really great time”

4. When your spouse helps you doing the chores, tell him/her, “I love doing chores with you, thank you for lending an extra pair of hands”

5. When your spouse graduates or marks a milestone, tell him/her “Honey, I am proud of you”

6. When your spouse blesses others or shows kindness to a stranger; let your spouse know “Honey, you have such a big heart”

7. When your spouse makes effort to look good, gets a new hairstyle, dresses a new, starts working out and you see progress; tell your spouse “Love, you look so good. I love how you take care of yourself”

8. When your spouse handles a difficult situation well or saves the day; tell him/her “Sweetheart, I admire how you handled that situation”

9. When your spouse is trying his/her best to recover from an illness or traumatic event; tell your spouse “You are so strong, a fighter. You motivate me”

10. When your spouse makes improvements on an area of weakness or a goal he/she set; say “Wow Hun, you have grown!

11. When your spouse manages his/her business well and is sustaining it monthly, yearly; tell your spouse “I love how committed you are to your dreams”

12. When you see your spouse parenting well and being so good with the children; tell him/her “You are such a great parent. We are so blessed to have you”

13. During your Anniversaries, give your spouse feedback how the journey together has been so far

Giving your spouse feedback makes him/her feel noticed. It encourages your spouse to continue doing good, improves the connection between you two and makes you value the one you are with. We all want the one we are spending the rest of our life with to give us feedback because they know us better than anyone, they are connected to us and they experience areas of us others don’t