1. God will teach him/her how to love you through prayer

2. God will reveal things concerning you to him/her for your welfare

3. She/he will nourish your prayer life

4. She/he will protect you in the spiritual realm

5. The enemy will have no room in your marriage

6. It will be easy to navigate challenges and misunderstandings because you two will rely on the Holy Spirit through prayer

7. There will be unity in your marriage through prayer

8. Prayer will hold you both accountable to God thereby loving each other better

9. She/he will be strong for you in prayer when you are weak

10. Both of you will have access to God allowing God to mould your marriage

11. The Lord will give messages to your spouse to minister to you through prayer

12. You and your children will have spiritual cover and not be exposed

13. If ever you veer off from the ways of the Lord, prayer will return you back

14. Through prayer, as a couple you will access the same power that raised Jesus from the dead

15. Through prayer, you two will tap into God, your source. Meaning your marriage will be refreshed

16. Your children will be prayed for by the both of you

17. Your children will be modelled to how to live a prayerful lifestyle