Cooking has often been considered a woman’s role in the kitchen, so why do some men cook?

1. The man used to cook when he lived alone as a bachelor, now that he has a woman or has married, he still puts his cooking skills to action occasionally

2. The man is a trained chef, cooking is his profession and he loves it

3. Some men love helping their wife/woman in the kitchen as they talk, laugh, play. He wants her to have his company and do an activity together in love

4. The wife/woman can come home late or might be caught up so the man, knowing how to cook prepares a meal

5. The wife/woman can fall sick or need to relax during pregnancy and the man must nurse and feed her

6. Despite the wife/woman being a good cook, the man might be knowing how to prepare a tasty exotic cuisine unknown to her

7. The man can want to give the wife/woman a rest sometimes. “Sweerie, relax; tonight let your man handle the kitchen affairs”

8. To some women, a strong man in an apron knowing his way in the kitchen is a sexy thing and the man loves being that kind of sexy

9. The man and woman can have moments where they have fun together trying out a new recipe

10. There could be special cooking left for the man: like making ugali, roasting nyama choma, preparing soup

11. Some fathers find it a special gesture to occasionally prepare a meal for the entire family

12. One of the most romantic things is a woman waking up to breakfast in bed, greeted by her man’s kiss and a meal he has prepared