1. “You truly love him/her”

If you truly love your spouse, why struggle to say it?

2. “It is a sign of submission”

Husbands and wives are to submit to each other in love. Saying those three words says you pledge your loyalty to what you two have

3. “Love is more than action”

We put so much premium on actions, but let us not forget the power of communication and words. Love also needs to be spoken. Don’t imbalance your love by depending only on actions. Love is the words and the deeds

4. “It explains why you do what you do”

Clarity is very important. Let your spouse know that the reason why you two are still married is love

5. “It holds you accountable”

When you tell your spouse ‘I love you’, you can be held accountable because there is a certain way you will be expected to behave. Your words are your bond

6. “It is the manly and womanly thing to do”

Love is not for women alone, both men and women desire love and can express love. Many men, claim that expressing love to their wives is weak and unmanly; yet they don’t shy away from showing love to a political leader, a car or a football club or even another woman in an affair. When a man loves, he loves, he guards his woman by showing her affection. Don’t let pride keep you from showing affection to your wife. If God your Creator declares His love for us; who are you not to declare your love for the woman you claim to love?

7. “Because you used to do it when dating”

Before you got married, you used tell each other ‘I love you’. Why stop now that you are married? Were you saying it as a marketing campaign to get into marriage, or did you mean it and still mean it?

8. “It keeps you focused”

It is difficult to genuinely say ‘I love you’ to your spouse and cheat or be unfaithful. Affairs start when you became ashamed of your love, when you water down and become less affectionate

9. “It affirms your spouse”

No matter how many years you’ve been together, there is need to be affirmed. Life keeps changing, moods happen, challenges occur, seasons are never the same; but love should be constant

10. “It shows you don’t see your spouse as a sex object”

This is especially true when making love. After you have had your orgasm, telling your spouse ‘I love you’ heightens the level of intimacy

11. “It warms up the heart”

It brightens up the day of your spouse when you make a phone call or text your spouse ‘I love you’. You should be in the business of putting a smile on your spouse’s face. The more you make your spouse feel good, the better for your marriage

12. “It assures your spouse”

This is true especially during storms or tough times. Saying ‘I love you’ then calms both your hearts and you are able to face the storm better and together

13. “It is your exclusive role”

No one else should be telling your spouse romantic ‘I love you’. It is selfish and mean of you to deny any other person from being affectionate towards your spouse yet you refuse to be affectionate to your spouse. If you don’t say it who will?

14. “It makes the children secure”

If you two have a child/children; they will feel secure when they see you two showing love in words and deeds. Those three words communicate a lot to children. Children long to be told those words and to witness mom and dad saying those words to each other

When was the time you showed your spouse love in both words and deeds?