1. A vision will remind you two why you got married. It is easy to forget as life’s issues occur

2. A vision will give you the will to be faithful. Vision inspires loyalty

3. A vision will keep your marriage strong during storms. You will be reminded your marriage is bigger than the problem you face

4. A vision gives your marriage direction, preventing you from wasting time

5. A vision keeps you from wasting resources and finances, you know where to channel your energy and effort

6. A vision builds unity and makes you two more one

7. A vision helps you both know your role in making the vision work, thus fostering teamwork

8. A vision makes you appreciate each other more, it reminds you that you need each other

9. A vision helps you choose the right friends in line with the vision

10. A vision reminds you that your marriage is not your parent’s marriage and hence your parents or in-laws should not dictate the path your marriage takes and decisions you both make

11. A vision helps you two monitor progress, you can review how much of your vision are you realizing

12. A vision leads you two to win together and in case you find challenges, you face them together

13. A vision gives your marriage an identity tied to both your uniqueness because both of play a role in articulating and shaping what that vision is