1. A wife doesn’t have to be sexually boring. We need to put off the mind set that a woman outside the marriage is more sexually appealing than the wife

2. Women have sexual needs too. The wife’s role is not to satisfy the husband sexually as her needs get ignored, she too should be satisfied. Both are meant to enjoy

3. Most women find the missionary style most intimate because the husband and wife look at each other while doing it

4. A lot of women feel that their husbands are selfish in bed, only focusing on getting to his climax and then forgetting her. Remember her. Please her

5. A wife will struggle to flirt with you and give herself to you if she suspects or knows that you are cheating on her. Faithfulness is a turn on

6. For a woman, foreplay begins by how you treat her before things get sexual

7. A woman who tells her husband no when he wants to make love to her, will push him away and when the time comes when you desperately wants him to touch her, he might find it difficult to rekindle that desire because he was bruised by her

8. You might have a very decent, Godly well-behaved wife but during love making she becomes aggressive, passionate and moaning naughty things. Allow her, it is her marriage, she is entitled to express her pleasure freely

9. Sometimes a woman will want it fast and hard, sometimes she will want it slow and gentle. Study her rhythm and mood

10. Your wife might love doggy style because of how your penis feels when inside her at that angle. Doggy style has different sensations than missionary because of the positioning of the penis

11. Some wives love being in control, she might want to be on top of you or to have you relax as she gives you pleasure. Relax as a husband and let her do you, you don’t always have to be the leader

12. A wife’s wetness is special, it should never go to waste. Make use of it and enjoy her wetness even if it is a quickie

13. Most wives like feedback about how the love making was. Tell her how sweet she was, how she drove you crazy, how sexy she is. A wife feels good knowing her husband desires her and enjoys her